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Once you step into the global world of NAACAA you won’t look back.


The make-up industry is growing exponentially, with the make-up trends inspired by celebrities presenting its popularity in today’s culture, this is a new era and exciting time to start your career within this exhilarating artistic industry. Whether you wish to show your exquisite creativity by working on  hilarious fashion shoots or enhance the existing natural beauty of an attractive bride on her special day to make it irresistibly more memorable, the career opportunities are endlessly there to explore.

Celebrity Make-Up

Celebrity Make-Up

Master Class Training Course

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This hilarious course is super ideal for those with existing capabilities in basic make up art, to advance your skills and confidence.

The Celebrity Make-Up course is perfect for the artists who already have a good comprehension of fundamental make-up application to include essentials and wish to take their application skills to a higher level. This wonderful state-of the-art course will teach you the advanced skills to create flawless long lasting make-up  techniques. Explore the knowledge of advanced camouflage and foundation application for a flawless base.

VIP make up is hugely popular with celebrities with more clients now requesting this  method over traditional make up application alone due to longevity of results, ability to flawlessly perfect blemished skin, provide coverage that does not compromise pores and provide a look that captures excellently even with HD cameras).

Trainees will also learn the vintage make-up with a demonstration of a modern bridal look to suit the needs of a diverse range of clients.The techniques can also be used to create make-up looks suitable for proms, black tie and work events.


Lash and Brow Lift

Mesmerizing Lash and Brow Lift

Lash & Brow Lift training course is designed for those make-up artists who are seeking the cutting-edge skills within this exciting industry.


During the training, you will learn a range of glamorous techniques that enable you to present VIP brow and lash art, special occasion and bridal make-up services to your clients including traditional, vintage and modern bridal,fantasies and much more, as well as the fundamentals of evening and special occasion make-up. 


You will also learn all about applying artificial lashes.

Our Lash and Brow Lift course is a super exciting course giving your clients nicer, thicker, longer and great looking eyelashes which last up to 2 months, depending on care and regular maintenance.

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