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The North American Academy of Cosmetology and Aesthetics (NAACAA) is an incorporated federal Institution under Canada Business Corporations Act,  registered with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

At NAACAA the goal is to provide the most comprehensive basic and advanced medical aesthetics training courses so that practitioners and clinicians can confidently integrate immediately these services into their practice.



At NAACAA doctors, nurses, medical assistants, dentists, aestheticians and other healthcare professionals will receive the most extensive non-surgical and non-invasive medical aesthetics hands-on training.

NAACAA's founders and instructors are renowned practitioners and pioneers in the medical aesthetics industry. The course contents are carefully designed to ensure graduates will be properly trained in all technical and theoretical aspects of medical aesthetics field.


M. R. Salehi MD., CFPC. (Canada)             

B. Sarang. MD., CFPC. (Canada)               

Peyman Mazidi MBBS., FRCSC. (Canada,Australia)

A. Shakib M.D. CFPC (Canada)

Ghodsi. Narges M.D., CFPC (Canada)

S. Shekarsaraei M.D. (Iran)

A. Kalife M.D. (Iran, Armenia, Germany)

F. Vandehvar D.H.M (Almaty)

Aysen Paryab Pharm.D (Canada)

Parshang Chnoor Make-Up Specialty Trainer


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